Covid-19 Procedure


Re-opening of Toilets, Showers and Laundry 

These facilities are now open for use.  We still recommend you use your own facilities, our communal facilities are used at your own risk.  We ask you to do a little extra after each use to ensure everyone's safety.  It is recommended that there is a 15 minute break for cleaning/settling between use.  This is because moist warm air has an increased transmission risk of respiratory droplets droplets and surface deposits.


Once you have showered please spray the surfaces around with the antiviral surface cleaner provided.  Five minutes later (maybe after you have dressed) wipe down with cloth provided and put used cloth in bucket.  Open window (if there is one) and write the day and time on the clipboard (above pegs).


Please spray surfaces with antiviral surface cleaner.  Wipe down at least 5 minutes later with cloth provided and put used cloth in bin.  Open window.  Write time of leaving on clipboard.


Visitors please;


  • Don’t come if any of you are showing signs of COVID-19 or have been contacted by NHS track and trace.


  • Use your own hand Sanitizer before using the entrance gate code or entering via the pedestrian gate.  Bring enough hand sanitizer and any PPE required for your family for the duration of your stay.


  • Practice social distancing by the toilets enclosure and bin area.  


  • Don’t let your children run/play near other guests


  • If you wish to have a visitor and/or car attend the site please request beforehand


Use the hand sanitizer provided before:


  • handling the site bin


  • leaving the site by the pedestrian gate


  • using the key pad to exit the site


We recommend using rubber gloves at the Elsan Point


Thank you for doing the above – it will keep our site as safe as possible – and ensure many happy returns.  Enjoy the countryside here.  Stay safe.